Dreaming of an extraordinary holiday experience in Wales?

We know how much you are looking forward to your touring holiday this summer as we love touring too. It’s travel that makes us feel so good and with this knowledge we are really looking forward to welcoming you to our new touring holiday destination in Llangollen, Llandyn Holiday Park.

Explore North Wales from Llangollen

I’d like to say we are a perfect campsite or touring park destination in North Wales. If you like timeless travel, exploring wild parts of Wales, enjoy nature and feeling of freedom in the wilds I think you will like it here.  But we are not that far from civilisation, a 15-minute walk using the disused railway track gets you straight into the historic town of Llangollen.

Get to camp in the World Famous AONB Llangollen

If you have a motorhome or a tourer Llandyn needs to be on your radar. We are a mix of the best parts of nature to wake up to. Green lush mountains, birds singing in the trees, sheep grazing in the open fields and a riverside location, its rolling hills, its wildlife and the clean air it will speak to your soul.

Medieval Wales

Occupying the hilltop​, see​n from the campsite is Castell Dinas bran c1260 it means Crows Fortress in English, (we think).  You can walk to it from camp and if you spend time up on the hill next to the castle of Dinas Bran you will find yourself thinking of medieval times and Welsh Princes who battled at the fort, it’s great for experiencing a magnificent sunset too (you can drive to the castle BTW). Click here to find detailed info about the castle’s history.

Riverside Camping

If you were to ask me why we choose to site our touring holiday park in this spot I would tell it is because of the river.  It holds my attraction and I’m often transfixed watching the water, the eco systems it supports and gentle noise it makes, it’s exceptional.

I understand we are only the custodians of the land, and we intend to protect it as well as we can, for as long as we can. Beauty like this is exceptional and should be shared, it is a gift, and this is what local artist Richard Wilson thought and he inspired Constable and Turner by his style of paintings of the area.

Here sat by the river typing this message to you on my laptop does wonders for my soul and so I’d like to invite you to enjoy this little piece of Wild Wales with me and come experience this rare and special place.

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Hwyl Fawr, Cathryn x