3 Reasons to Visit Llangollen Food Festival 2023

Are you a food enthusiasts? Discover Llangollen, a picturesque town nestled in the heart of Wales and home to the annual Llangollen Food Festival. A celebration of local and international gastronomic delights, attracting foodies from all corners of the globe. The 2023 festival promises to be a foodie adventure like no other, and here are three compelling reasons to make your way to this event.

Tickle Those Tastebuds

The Llangollen Food Festival is renowned for its wide range of culinary offerings. From traditional Welsh fare to global flavours, the festival is a food lover’s paradise. Year on year it provides an impressive variety of food stalls and vendors, you’ll have the opportunity to sample and savour an huge range of delicious food.

Discover the tastes and the stories behind the food by engaging with passionate chefs and food producers, gaining insights into the unique ingredients that make each dish so delicious. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine dining or simply a lover of good food, this festival caters to all.

Why not make a weekend of it and make it more of an immersive experience, consider extending your stay at Tyn Cornel Camping and try some glamping or star gazing in our Geodome or spark up the firepit outside one of our fully insulated glamping pods. Nestled in the serene Welsh countryside, this glamping site offers a tranquil retreat after a day of indulging in culinary delights.

Support Local

Llangollen is renowned for its local produce. The food festival provides a platform for local farmers, producers, and craftsmen to showcase their goods. By attending, you not only treat your taste buds but also support small-scale and independent businesses.

Indulge in cheese tastings, sample locally brewed ales, and discover unique handcrafted products. From fresh fruits to homemade preserves, the festival offers an abundance of options to relish, sample and purchase.

To fully appreciate the local charm, Llandyn Holiday Park cater for camping, caravans and motor homes and is an excellent overnight option if you want to further explore Llangollen and the local surroundings. So what are you waiting for, book your stay and immerse yourself in the Welsh culture and hospitality, giving you a genuine taste of the region.

Fun for the Whole Family

The Llangollen Food Festival is more than just a culinary journey; it’s a family-friendly event filled with entertainment and activities for all ages. Live music, at Centenary Square for two days of great entertainment on the outside stage with live music from bands and solo performers as well as a host of other pop-up events around the site. Join live cooking demonstrations, and workshops and of course there will be plenty of opportunity to try before you buy on many of the stalls.

The festival provides an enjoyable and educational experience that will leave lasting memories for your entire family.

Make a weekend of it by staying at either Tyn Cornel Camping or Llandyn Holiday Park, allowing you to unwind and reflect on the day’s adventures in a peaceful and natural setting, making your overall trip a delightful and fun family experience.

If you are hungry for a new experience, The Llangollen Food Festival 2023 is a great day out or weekend away. Come for the food, stay for the memories! Happening this October 14th-15th.

Taken in the Scenery of Llangollen, with the help from a local!

I’m about to share with you my favourite walk in Llangollen. When I visit places I look for local knowledge on the internet and this gave me the inspiration to write and share this little hike with you, it is simply stunning. 

A walk to Castell Dinas Bran, Llangollen from the touring site LLandyn

  • Distance: 5.7km
  • Ascent: 263m
  • Time – Depends – Half a day? Are you stopping for cake, maybe longer?
  • Difficulty  – Medium to easy.

I wrote this on the day we come out of lockdown with the anticipation of you coming to stay and asking me what walks can be done here. My favorite of all time has to be the walk to the castle, (it’s also the inspiration for our logo).

When in Llangollen I always say it is a must to venture up to the most spectacular hilltop in the area and visit the medieval castle ruin which sits above Llangollen. (Also to visit the Horseshoes falls but that’s a different walk all together, click the link for more info about that).

I love that we can see the castle from the campsite, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t look up and wonder at what happened up there and who once upon a time, looked down on our fields and at the River Dee snaking around the campsite.

So, what you do need to know about walking up to the castle is that it is a steep climb to the top, but so worth the effort. It offers superb panoramic views of Llangollen and the Dee Valley. I’ll pop in a few photos here people have taken. This one is by @Cerios

A little bit of history I’ve learnt over the years about the castle, this is my take on things by the way. It is said that 1260 the Welsh Prince, Gruffydd ap Madoc built the castle, it is connected to a few others castles in the area and stood proud for only 17 years. It was then abandoned and burned to prevent its use by Edward I’s invading English army (hiss) and a English garrison was placed there, despite its subsequent return to Welsh ownership, the castle was never rebuilt.

The walk Up – I walked the route in lockdown and took down these instructions in the anticipation that you might want to follow them one day.

The route is a circular route and it is a dog friendly walk and begins with us at Llandyn touring site in Llangollen.

Starting from Llandyn camp site head towards the entrance/access to the main road and cross the A539, head straight across, up the unnamed road opposite the camp site entrance towards the canal. There may be Welsh ponies in the fields too.  Cross the canal bridge and continue up the unnamed road towards Llandyn Hall.

When you get to Llandyn Hall farm yard, LLandyn Hall will be directly in front of you (side note have a look at the large barn nearby it dates from the late 17thC)….  Continue and walk up the hill towards the wicket gate. Take the style on your left and entre the field. The waymarked path rises with the fence, at its corner bending left up to a small footpath, go through a wicket gate which leads you into another field. Turn immediately right and climb over a style. Cross the middle of the field towards an opening in the fence. Walk pass a green gate and head for the style in the corner of the filed which leads to the another unnamed road. Once you have reached the road, head right up the hill to a kissing gate on your left. Do stop and kiss, its good luck.


Follow the waymarked path up the hillside to a small gate and up the castle ruins. Go across its top, then follow a zig-zag path down its western slope. Continue up and across a wide grassy area, then down a short stony path to a kissing gate. Descend the nearby house’s narrow stony access track to a junction of stony tracks and a lane.

At the junction you can either go straight on to Llangollen and refuel at the many cafes and restaurants before taking the canal back to the campsite or you can take a left down the track with a grass center and a few houses on the left. The track eventually narrows and becomes more enclosed as it passes the back of Geufron Hall. Continue along the path which leads to a green track along the edge of two fields until it leads to a pair of green gates. The gates lead back onto the unnamed road which you should recognize from the beginning of the walk.

Take the style straight ahead and walk past Wern Uchaf and follow the waymarked path back to Llandyn Hall farm yard. Once back at the farm yard continue down the unnamed road towards the canal bridge and the camp site.

Or click the link here to follow.


Have fun, Cathryn x

Dreaming of an extraordinary holiday experience in Wales?

We know how much you are looking forward to your touring holiday this summer as we love touring too. It’s travel that makes us feel so good and with this knowledge we are really looking forward to welcoming you to our new touring holiday destination in Llangollen, Llandyn Holiday Park.

Explore North Wales from Llangollen

I’d like to say we are a perfect campsite or touring park destination in North Wales. If you like timeless travel, exploring wild parts of Wales, enjoy nature and feeling of freedom in the wilds I think you will like it here.  But we are not that far from civilisation, a 15-minute walk using the disused railway track gets you straight into the historic town of Llangollen.

Get to camp in the World Famous AONB Llangollen

If you have a motorhome or a tourer Llandyn needs to be on your radar. We are a mix of the best parts of nature to wake up to. Green lush mountains, birds singing in the trees, sheep grazing in the open fields and a riverside location, its rolling hills, its wildlife and the clean air it will speak to your soul.

Medieval Wales

Occupying the hilltop​, see​n from the campsite is Castell Dinas bran c1260 it means Crows Fortress in English, (we think).  You can walk to it from camp and if you spend time up on the hill next to the castle of Dinas Bran you will find yourself thinking of medieval times and Welsh Princes who battled at the fort, it’s great for experiencing a magnificent sunset too (you can drive to the castle BTW). Click here to find detailed info about the castle’s history.

Riverside Camping

If you were to ask me why we choose to site our touring holiday park in this spot I would tell it is because of the river.  It holds my attraction and I’m often transfixed watching the water, the eco systems it supports and gentle noise it makes, it’s exceptional.

I understand we are only the custodians of the land, and we intend to protect it as well as we can, for as long as we can. Beauty like this is exceptional and should be shared, it is a gift, and this is what local artist Richard Wilson thought and he inspired Constable and Turner by his style of paintings of the area.

Here sat by the river typing this message to you on my laptop does wonders for my soul and so I’d like to invite you to enjoy this little piece of Wild Wales with me and come experience this rare and special place.

Book your stay with us direct here.

Hwyl Fawr, Cathryn x