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Buy Our Farm Fresh Local Milk/Llaeth - The Milk Hut, Llangollen is Open

We offer you farm fresh non-homogenised and gently pasteurised Organig Llaeth (organic milk) from our family dairy farm. The milk hut is located at Llandyn Holiday Park just outside town, on the A539 next to Wenffrwd Nature Reserve.

Our herd and dairy is located on the other side of Llangollen, just over the hill and a few fields away from the Holiday Park. The herd graze on acres of natural land we have farmed for the last 3 generations. We farm without pesticides and fertilisers and so can offer organic milk. We are organic dairy farmers first before holiday park makers and have been so for 45 years. 

My Grandfather started the farm, and each time the farms moves on to the next generation we are able to develop and add our own style of farming. I’m the grandson and my style of farming is organic. Our heard of cows are fed on clean welsh grass and are certified as Organic.  The cows are born in Denbighshire and are cared for with the up most respect.

Farmer Stephen Johnson

How To Use The Milk Hut

The milk hut houses 2 vending machines, one dispenses organic milk or milk shakes and the other has reusable glass bottles for those who wish to purchase them (you may wish to bring your own clean reusable container).

To vend follow the below instruction:
  • Bring your own or buy a glass bottle
  • Insert bottle to catch milk
  • Choose whole milk or milk shake
  • Pay with card
  • Voila, organic milk to go. 
  • Llandyn glass milk bottles cost £2 and are reusable
  • Always refill or reuse don’t throw away
*The Milk Hut, Llangollen is next to the nature reserve on the A539.
Happy cows grazing near the North Wales campsite
A bottle of organic milk available from our North Wales campsite vending machine

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